About us

Our headquarter is located in the village of Őcsény, Hungary. Relying on the vast experience gained during our decade-long history, we seek to serve the needs of the farmers of the region. Owing to our recent development projects, we have become one of the most successful providers in the region.

  • The capacity of our storehouses and silos exceeds 17,000 tonnes and is one of the largest in the region.
  • In a 2,400-ton storage silo, up to 24 different types of grains may be stored. 
  • Our two grain dryers, each having a processing capacity of 20 tons/hour, are capable of drying 1,000 tons of grains daily. 
  • Owing to these two grain dryers, we are able to receive maize and sunflower seeds simultaneously.  Furthermore, we can satisfy specific requests such as drying and cleaning waxy maize, preparing food-grade sunflower seeds, as well as cleaning and drying other small seeds and oilseeds like rapeseed, millet, buckwheat or sorghum. 
  • Thanks to a modern loader and a 60-ton platform scale, our goods removal capacity may reach up to 2,000 tons daily. We are able to load tank truck, too.
  • The site’s opening hours are variable based on the needs of our partners; in harvest season we receive shipments of crops 24/7.

A state-of-the-art grain laboratory is available to our partners meeting all of today’s needs.
Using a FOSS Infatec 1241 Grain Analyser, the moisture, protein and gluten content of wheat can be measured to within 0.2-0.5% precision. The moisture content of barley, rapeseed and maize is measured using the same device.
To ensure the most accurate settlement with farmers when purchasing wet maize, we use a MARK 160 electronic analytical scale, which is capable of measuring the weight of ground maize, dried in a 2000-PKL cabinet grain dryer, to 1 milligram precision. These two instruments are used to determine the moisture content of sunflower seeds as well.
Hectolitre mass (HLM) and falling (or Hagberg) number measuring instruments are also available so we conform to the applicable Hungarian standards.

Minőségvizsgálati díjak

BúzaBruttó ár
Nedvesség, fehérje, sikér5.000,- Ft/minta
Hektólitersúly2.500,- Ft/minta
Esésszám2.000,- Ft/minta
KukoricaBruttó ár
Nedvesség1.500,- Ft/minta
ÁrpaBruttó ár
Nedvesség1.500,- Ft/minta
Hektolitersúly2.000,- Ft/minta
Repce, napraforgó Bruttó ár
Nedvesség 1.500,- Ft/minta

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